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Special Cable for Drag Chains (Double Sheath, Pair & Shield)

FOB Reference Price: $ 30
Wholesale: 100 Meter(s)
Supply Ability: 10,000,000 Kilometer(s) per Year
Shipping: 15Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P
Update Time: 2017/7/18

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Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Place of Origin: Shanghai in China

Quick Details

  • Insulation Material: PVC
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Application: Industrial
  • Brand Name: Bladar
  • Type: Insulated
  • Jacket: PVC


Special Cable for Drag Chains Double Sheath Pair Shield
Special Cable for Drag Chains ( Double Sheath, Pair & Shield) 



It is suitable for dry or wet rooms and installaion without strong

Stress or free continuous reciprocating movement. It is also can

Be used in working places of woodworking Machine, machine tool

Equipment, logistics conveyer system, crane and other related

Equipments. for the short pitch, it has excellent crosstalk resistance property. Based on EKM71573 series. Ekm71583 series adds to inner sheath. It is quite suitable for fast moving equipment.


Waterproofing: Oil resistance; Cool resistance; Abrasion resistance;

Flame resistance; Anti-ultraviolet.

Bending for life: above 5, 000, 000 times.


Conductor: Fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire, acc. To VDE0295

Class 6

Insulation: Special PVC

Colour: <0.5mm brown, black, blue, purple, pink, orange.
≥ 0.5mm black number with white digital coding.

3 cores or more with green/yellow earth wire

Inner sheath: Special PVC; Oil resistance

Shielding: Tinned copper brainded shielding

Dentity: above 80%

Sheath: Special PVC abrasion resistance

Black (RAL 9005) or grey (RAL 7001)/orange(RAL 2003)

Related voltage: ≥ 0.5mm: 300/500V ≤ 0.5mm: 300/300V

Test voltage: 2500V

Temperature range:

Fixed Installaion: -30C ----- +90C
Flexing Installation: -50C---- +90C
the minimum bending radius:

Fixed Installation: 5X D

Moved installation:
When travel<10m, bending radius of 8xd
When travel >10m, bending radius of   10xd

TYPE Pairs Spec. Cond. (No./Dia.)
EKM71583 2pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 3pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 4pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 5pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 6pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 7pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 8pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 9pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 10pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 11pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 12pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 13pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 14pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 15pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 16pairs 0.1*2C 20/0.08CU+2/0.1steel

EKM71583 2pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 3pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 4pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 5pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 6pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 7pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 8pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 9pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 10pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 11pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 12pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 13pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 14pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 15pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 16pairs 0.14*2C 28/0.08CU+2/0.1steel

EKM71583 2pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 3pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 4pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 5pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 6pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 7pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 8pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 9pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 10pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 11pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 12pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 13pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 14pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 15pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel
EKM71583 16pairs 0.2*2C 40/0.08CU+2/0.1steel

EKM71583 2pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 3pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 4pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 5pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 6pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 7pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 8pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 9pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 10pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 11pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 12pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 13pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 14pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 15pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08
EKM71583 16pairs 0.25*2C 50 0.08

EKM71583 2pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 3pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 4pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 5pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 6pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 7pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 8pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 9pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 10pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 11pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 12pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 13pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 14pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 15pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08
EKM71583 16pairs 0.3*2C 60 0.08

EKM71583 2pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 3pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 4pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 5pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 6pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 7pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 8pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 9pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 10pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 11pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 12pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 13pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 14pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 15pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08
EKM71583 16pairs 0.4*2C 80 0.08

EKM71583 2pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 3pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 4pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 5pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 6pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 7pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 8pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 9pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 10pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 11pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 12pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 13pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 14pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 15pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1
EKM71583 16pairs 0.5*2C 64 0.1

EKM71583 2pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 3pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 4pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 5pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 6pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 7pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 8pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 9pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 10pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 11pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 12pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 13pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 14pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 15pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1
EKM71583 16pairs 0.75*2C 96 0.1

EKM71583 2pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 3pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 4pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 5pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 6pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 7pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 8pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 9pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 10pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 11pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 12pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 13pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 14pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 15pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1
EKM71583 16pairs 1.0*2C 126 0.1

Service Process

Service Guarantee

  • Free Service Charge

    ECVV doesn't charge any service fee to Buyers for buying this product.

  • ECVV Supply

    ECVV is responsible for supply, and provides product quality inspection, fund supervision and supply chain services.

  • Product Quality Commitment

    ECVV purchasing agent will assess the reputation and supply ability of the factory and conduct field trips to select the high-quality Chinese factories for buyers.

  • Deposit Service Commitments

    In order to improve the quality of service, ECVV will charge for a 100CNY deposit for the agent purchasing order, and the deposit will be part of subsequent purchasing costs.

    After paying a deposit, if the purchasing order is not completed because of unsatisfied ECVV services, ECVV will refund your deposit.

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