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New Manufacturers ( Verified Suppliers               ) dIcoproIco
  • Shenzhen Yi & Yi Light Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer from Guangdong , China
    Product/Service: LED Strip Light, LED Panel Light, LED Jewelry Spotlight, LED Cabinet Light, LED Ceiling Downlight, L...
  • Scaler Technology Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer from Guangdong , China
    Product/Service: LED Controller, LED Strip, LED Downlight, LED Ceiling Light, LED Connector, LED Bulb, LED Neon Light...
  • PURELITE CORP LTD. - Manufacturer from Guangdong , China
    Product/Service: Stage Light, Disco Light, LED Par Light, LED Flood Light, Moving Head Lights, Dmx Cable Wires, Clamp...
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Success Stories
Sophia Tan
Rasha Professional A/S CO.,LTD
Sophia Tan [China]
Since 2007, when Rasha Enterprises Co., Ltd. was incorporated, I have seen Rasha growing beyond expectations year by year...   [Details]
Melvis Zhao
G-Sun Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
Cherry Wang [China]
My name is Cherry, the owner of G-Sun Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.. I'm glad that we have an opportunity to share the story between ECVV and us...   [Details]
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