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Full Mechanical Drilling Jar

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1.     General
The drilling jar connecting with drill tool and working with drill strings is a downhole stuck freeing tool in drilling operation . When drill tool is happened to be stuck in downhole, the stuck drill tool can be released by in time starting the drilling jar to provide continuous up jarring or down jarring . It is a desire tool for directional well , complicated well and deep well .
The drilling jar is consisting of ZSJ type drilling up jar and ZXJ type drilling down jar , both they can be used mutually or operated separately . The up jarring section takes use of hydraulic mechanism, the jarring force can be adjusted according to up elevating load but can not exceed the max. load for tool load rated. The down jarring section takes use of mechanical friction mechanism, the jarring force is well pre-adjusted by adjusting device before put into down-ole. No re-adjustment can be allowed after jar is put into down-hole.
2.     Main construction and working principle
The drilling (up ) jar is as shown in block drawing enclosed. and the drilling (down )jar is shown in block drawing enclosed.
2.1 The working principle for drilling (up) jar
The up jarring action is obtained by cone body, by-pass body , sealing body and oil seal of sealing body. When jarring is required , lower steadily drill string , move down the mandrel of up jar, cone-shaped piston departs from sealing body, the hydraulic oil between cone body and floater in the cylinder flows into pressure chamber through by-pass body. When mandrel shoulder touches against the end-face of wiper body, the tool is closed. Continuous elevate drill string , the passage between sealing body and lower end of cone body is closed. On two oil discharge grooves can allow a few of oil flowing in, the other oil flowing are blocked at upper part of cone body so that oil pressure is rising and drill string above mandrel gradually stretch to store energy. Because the oil flow limitedly through the oil metering groove on the cone , the drill string extends. When cone body moves up to unload groove, the high pressure oil in pressure chamber in short time release energy. The drill string stretched suddenly
shrinks so that top face of extension mandrel strikes against shoulder of spline with extreme high speed and provides a violent up jarring impact against the stuck drill string connected at lower part of external barrel. Steadily elevating the drill tool by several times can force tool to produce continuous up jarring .
2.2. The working principle for down jar
Lower drill string , the slip mandrel begins to move relative to slip so that the internal rib engages with rib of slip mandrel, at the moment , the tool is ready for working. With load is increased, the slip internal rib begins to produce flexible deformation due to binding of rib of slip mandrel . When pressure is up to tonnage pre-adjusted , the slip internal rib slide out and release suddenly , the sleeve and drill string above jar rapidly move down. When end-face of wiper body strikes against mandrel shoulder , a violent downward jarring is produced. Repeating the said action will obtain continuous downward jarring.
3.     Use and operation
3.1 Preparation before run in hole
3.1.1 The drilling jar should be tested up to certificate on the ground before run in hole.
3.1.2 Check whether the collar clamp on up and down section sticks(engage) at pull-down area of mandrel . The collar clamp which is not fully pulled down or stuck shall be fully pulled down and the position of mandrel shall be stuck by collar clamp. Special attention shall be paid that collar clamp shall not be taken off before connect jar with drill string.
3.1.3 Check the adjusting tonnage of down jar to ensure that adjusting tonnage shall not exceed the weight of drill string above jar under no circumstances.
3.1.4 Check whether oil plug and adjusting ring latch screw are loose. 
3.2 The location of jar in drill stem
3.2.1 Typical location of jar in vertical well The jar jar is located above down jar and connected together with down jar, they are above main drill collar. 3-4 pieces of drill collars are connected above up jar,see fig. below.
3.2.2 Typical location of jar in deviated or bent hole. The up jar is located in section above down jar , between up jar and down jar is connected with 1 or 2 pieces of heavy weight drill pipes .
3.2.2 .2 1 to 3 pieces of heavy weight drill pipes are connected between down jar
Location of collar clamps
and primary drill collars.
3.2.3 No drill collar or other tools larger than the O.D of jar is allowed to be located above the jar . But the primary drill collar and other tools below jar are only allowed to be a little larger than or equal to the O.D of jar .
3.2.4 The weight of drill collar below jar shall be more than preset weight on bit so that jar can work above pressure..
3.3  Round trip operation
3.3.1 Lift up the jar to rig floor by lifting sub without collision .
3.3.2 Lubricate with thread grease , connect jar with drill string according to specified torque, and remove mandrel collar clamp by lifting of drill string.
Location of jars in vertical hole
3.3.3 During trip operation, no any holder /lifting unit are allowed to be stuck at the pull-down position of mandrel to avoid any damages of mandrel.
3.3.4 During trip operation, the jar is under the state of full pull-down .
3.3.5 During run in hole, speed shall be controlled strictly to prevent that necking is stuck and lifting system is damaged by down jarring produced from down jar.
3.3.6 In case down jarring has been taken place, lightly raise drill string to make grapple return to original position and stop running in hole operation for several minutes, violently lifting is not allowed.
3.3.7 In case round trip operation is stuck, releasing stuck can be done by means of jar.
3.3.8 When come out of hole , the jar is at full pull down state, install mandrel and collar clamp at wellhead , formulate them into vertical strings and put in drill pipe box.
        Location of jars in deviated or bent hole
3.3.9 When jar is left unused, its surface shall be cleaned and mandrel shall be exposed and greased , collar clamp shall be clamped , jar shall be removed off rig floor while prevent collision.
3.4 Normal drilling in
3.4.1 The jar is drilling while being pulled.
During drilling under pulling , the jar is at open state and mandrels are at pulling state. The effort for drill collar weight at lower part of jar and pump pressure to mandrel and tail pipe of up jarring section and mandrel and  mandrel and wiper sleeve are conducive to starting of tool .The jar had better to work under pulling .
3.4.2 Drilling under pressure
The jar can be working under pressure , but the pressure given to jar shall not exceed the half of jar tonnage pre-adjusted before run into hole plus the pump pressure given to mandrel and wiper sleeve of jar .
3.4.3 When jar is drilling under pressure , the up jar is closed probably. When lift up drill string, under function of lower drill string weight ,the jar is probable to give lightly up jarring.
3.4.4. Regardless of jar drilling under pressure or pulling , the drilling speed shall be smoothly . Cable drilling and the fact that drilling string not well braked shall be prevented.
3.5 Stuck freeing operation
3.5.1 Up jarring Lower drill string to make up jar in position. Lift up drill string to release jar. The jarring strength is controlled by lifting tonnage. At beginning ,lower jarring force shall be used, then increase gradually later.
It will obtain a better result making adjustment on a adjusting tonnage after jarring several times . Max. jarring force by no means shall exceed at the totaling of drill string weight above jar plus rated releasing tonnage of up jar. (Rated releasing tonnage see table 2).
3.5.2 Down jarring operation When require to down jarring, only lower drill string . When upper weight exceed pre-adjusted tonnage of down jar, the jar will produce down jarring. After down jarring, lift up drill string to make upper weight of jar exceed at 3~5 tons of pre-adjusted tonnage till jar returns to the position. When down jar makes down jarring, the up jar returns automatically.
Therefore , lifting load shall not be more than the load to return or lasts time too long to avoid the release of up jar and further influence on stuck freeing. The max. pre-adjusted tonnage of down jar shall not exceed at the max. release value specified in table 3.
4. Troubles clearing.
4.1 When up jar fails to release
4.1.1 The jar didn’t return to the position, during operation in curved well, increases downward load or stop mud circulation to make jar return easily.
4.1.2 In curved well , friction resistance in hole wall is big and lifting force is consumed, this can be solved by extending of release time or increasing of lifting force.
4.1.3 When oil limit groove or taper body is blocked, open up jar and close in shortest time for several times.
4.1.4 Stroke is done without jarring, the reason is that oil is lack or leakage in cylinder or contaminated , oil shall be filled or replaced.
4.2 Down jar fails to release
4.2.1 The pre-adjusted load is more than weighting load , the weighting load shall be increased.
4.2.2 In curved or deep well , drill string stick closely to well wall and weight of drill string is not passed on to jar, under the state, pressure load shall be added.
4.2.3 Jar didn’t return, returning can be made by lifting drill string again or start pump circulation.
4.2.4 In case jarring is taken place during mud circulation, the jar is opened due to that the pump pressure is acting on wiper body of mandrel, stopping jarring increasing lowering weight shall be done .
5.     Maintenance of jars
5.1 Maintenance on site
Run jar out of hole and put on rig floor , wash out surface mud , clean mandrel , tailpipe , wash mud out of air hole of up jar . For mud in hole and air hole , hose can be
put to wash along with a direction until water is clear . Mandrel surface shall be cleaned and lubricated with grease and equipped with collar clamp, thread protectors shall be equipped on two ends.
5.2 Maintenance in piping station
5.2.1 The following equipments shall be ready before maintenance work Related tools such as chain tongs , pipe spanner or wrenches shall be prepared. Crane , bucking unit and jar tester . Spare parts and special tools carried with the jar. Coal oils for cleaning use. All kinds of lubricants ,greases and L-32# abrasive hydraulic oil
5.2.2 Disassembling of up jar Before discharge, clean up mud or sand and make up jar at pull-down state, loosen thread connection by means of bucking unit. Clamp pressure body by use of tong door , the clamping area is below oil plug, remove tailpipe and take seal element out of tailpipe. Change the clamping area, clamp connecting body by use of tong door , put a vessel under the connection of pressure body to gather hydraulic oil (the used oil can be used again after settling ), pull out pressure body , the floater can slide out with pressure body. Push out the floater by means of a long wooden bar, remove oil seal and seal ring from floater . clamping upper end of tailpipe by use of pipe tongs, remove tailpipe , seal body , taper body and by-pass body. By hook spanner, remove packer retainer ring from connector body, then remove packer unit. Change clamping area, the clamping area of tong door is at 100mm above air hole of spline, remove connecting body , and remove packer unit out of connecting body by bent spanner . Clamp the spanner area of extension mandrel by pipe spanner to remove extension mandrel , remove elastic retaining ring by retaining ring tongs .Remove
supporting seat of packer by bend spanner , remove packer unit and packer ring, then connect tailpipe body with spline body. Install testing sub of jars separately on subs of mandrel and tailpipe . Put jar on jar tester , put straightedge from mandrel box sub end to mandrel , wiper body, mandrel body and external circumference of spline end ,then by means of knife edge , draw a cutting line (in order to align spline when assemble tool ). Adjust jar tester to lower tonnage , pull mandrel out of wiper body , mandrel body and spline body. Attention: Don’t pull the whole of mandrel out . It’s ok when mandrel is just exposed from spline to avoid that mandrel drops and is damaged. (see fig. 5). Closely clamp mandrel body and remove wiper body(Note: here the connection is left hand ). Then take packer unit out of mandrel body by means of bent spanner. Closely clamp upper end of spline body to remove mandrel body (note: here connection is left hand ).
5.2.3 Re-assembling of up jar Check all parts by detecting inspection, parts with burrs or score shall be repaired. Especially, the thread connection shall be grinded by oilstone or sand-paper so that burrs are removed, and the cracking parts shall be replaced. Damaged parts which could not be repaired shall be replaced. Replace all rubber seal parts (only spare parts accompanied by tool can be used ). Completely clean up all parts and check them . Dry and lubricate with a thin layer of thread grease. Before assemble, all thread connections shall be lubricated with thread grease. All rubber locations , spline locations and all matching positions shall be lubricated with L-32#abrasive hydraulic oil . Attach all rubber parts to tool parts (except tailpipe body).
Note: Assembling direction of Rubber parts refer to fig. (wrong assembling is not allowed). Axial compression value of sealing assembly shall be 1mm. Adjusting washer shall be used to adjust the axial compression value so as to keep
an applicable compression value. Clamp mandrel body (left thread)from spline body ,then clamp wiper body (left thread) from mandrel body). Note : marking lines for three bodies shall line up . Connect tailpipe body with spline, raise mandrel and insert in wiper body end . Meanwhile pay attention that aim the mark line of mandrel to lines of three bodies until spline start to engage in and polishing part of mandrel start to enter wiper body. Put pin sub and box sub separately on mandrel and tailpipe body, at tester , push mandrel in by 2~3tons of push force until polishing section of mandrel is 300mm to wiper body outside . Remove assembling parts from jar tester , by tongs door , clamp at 100mm above vent hole of spline and remove tailpipe body. Put O-ring of wiper on tailpipe body for use. Clamp big end of mandrel so that extension mandrel is connected with mandrel , make up by pipe spanner according to requirement (after makeup , remove burrs and clean up ). Make packers with sleeve in tool box and put on extension mandrel until it slide to shoulder. Clamp spline body, connect connector body with spline body(for type ZSJ56,ZSJ46, have an extra connection between crossover adapter body and adapter body), remove packer and install sleeve. Put by-pass body, taper body and seal body in extension mandrel , then connect tailpipe with extension mandrel , and make up thread. Clamp connector body , raise pressure body and slide it over tailpipe and install on adapter body. Clamp lower end of oil plug on pressure body, paint hydraulic oil inside of floater ,outside of tailpipe, inside of hollow bore of pressure body. Put floater to slide over tailpipe , push floater in pressure by floater positioning tool until the big end of positioning tool touch the lower end of pressure body, install tailpipe body on pressure body.. After assembling , testing shall be started . After tested , make-up shall be made at hydraulic bucking unit , the make-up torque see table 1.
Table 1     Make-up torque

Size and Specification
Make-up torque (KN. M)
Z J80
Z J76
Z J70
Z J62
Z J56
Z J46

5.2.4. Dis-assembling of down jar Before discharge, clean out mud and make down jar at pull-down state. Put down jar on service unit and screw out thread connection. Clamp adapter body and remove top sub by tongs. Remove wiper sleeve assembly by use of pipe spanner or wrench, remove retainer ring by open-end pipe spanner for retainer ring, then discharge all parts one by one. Change clamping area, clamp sleeve (clamping area shall be located below adjusting ring ), remove connector body. Clamp lower connector body, remove lock screw by screw spanner , remove sleeve , remove adjusting ring (note: rotation direction of adjusting is right), in case it is impossible to screw out adjusting ring, a drop of oil can be filled , then remove it by spanner. Clamp spline body, remove slip mandrel from slip. At this moment, wood or copper hammer shall be allowed to strike lightly against slip end face. Remove lower slidding sleeve and spacer sleeve. Clamp spanner area of slip mandrel, remove slip mandrel ,mandrel sub . Remove o-ring from connector body, put top sub on connector body, put pin sub and box sub separately from jar tester on tool. Cut a straight line by knife edge along with mandrel of tool to spline body, take out mandrel on jar tester , pay attention to hold the pull-out section of mandrel when mandrel is pull out , then remove it slowly. Disintegrate spline body ,connector body, mandrel body and wiper body one by one . Remove all seal parts and discharge completely.
5.2.5 Re-assembling of down jar Inspect by detection all parts , parts with burrs ,scarred shall be repaired, especially, thread connections with burrs shall be removed by sand cloth.Parts with cracking shall be replaced , parts damaged impossible to be repaired shall be replaced. Replace all rubber seal parts (only spare parts accompanied by machine can be used ). Clean up all parts and check carefully. All parts , especially slip mandrel and slip with damaged on rib , shall be replaced. Parts with well conditions, shall be dried and greased with thin grease. Before assembling , all thread connections shall be greased . All rubber areas, spline areas and matching areas shall be greased with L-H32 abrasive hydraulic oil.. Install all rubber elements on parts. Install separately seal elements on wiper sleeve; Mount adjusting ring on sleeve. The center of groove length of adjusting ring shall be at center of lock screw hole; Put packer assembly into mandrel body as schematic drawing, pay attention to the direction of packer. Clamp spline body , install mandrel aiming at cutting line. Clamp mandrel body, then put wiper body on and aim at cutting line. Clamp spline and install adapter (connector) body. Connect top sub with adapter body, then put test sub on top sub . Put test sub on mandrel , raise mandrel , carefully insert mandrel from wiper body until spline disappear in wiper and smooth section of mandrel come in. Put
jar on the jar tester . Aim mandrel at cutting line of bowl to ensure that stroke of down jar equal to distance from the shoulder of mandrel  to end-face of wiper body. Clamp middle part connector body, remove top sub . Clamp spline body, put mandrel sub on mandrel, tight on. Put slip mandrel connected with mandrel sub, tight on. Make spacer sleeve go through slip mandrel into mandrel sub and stand against end face of connector body. Make slidding sleeve go through slip mandrel and stand against endface of connector body. Make slip go through slip mandrel and stand against end face of slidding sleeve. At the moment, wood or copper hammer can be used to strike lightly slip end face. Raise sleeve components to connect with adapter body. Clamp sleeve to connect connector body with sleeve. Clamp connector body, put wiper sleeve components on slip mandrel , raise top sub to connect with connector body. 
When install , the axial compression of sealing assembly shall be 1mm. In order to keep fine compression, adjusting washer can be used to adjust it. As shown in schematic diagram.
     The area which has been clamped by pipe spanner shall have burrs removed. After finished assembling, products shall be tested on hydraulic bucking unit to be acceptable before tight on.
6. Surface test for drilling jar
6.1 Oil filling of up jar
Remove all oil plugs , rotate up jar to make oil plug hole on connector upward an oil inlet. Fill oil by hand pump until oil is filled up, screw on oil plug and start testing, the oil is L-HM32#abrasive hydraulic oil.
6.2 Testing for releasing force of jar
6.2.1 Up jar Adjust flow rate of pump on working table of jar tester to ensure speed of piston bar up to 450~650 mm/min, try to pull , and rating release force for up jar shall keep with data in table2. The max. release force for down jar shall meet with data in table 2.
                        Test data                table 2

Rated releasing force (KN)
150~250 When testing data <rated release force., enlarge oil discharge groove of tapered piston. The jar shall be pulling down as per steps in ~ Make oil discharge groove of tapered piston deeper by triangle file. Assmble equipments as per steps in ~ Make testing for rated release force. Testing data >rated release force, at the moment, make oil discharge groove of tapered piston smaller. Make tool at pulling down , discharge tools as per steps in Put tapered piston on abrasive table, grind sealing face by 200#abrasive cream, reduce the depth of oil discharge groove of tapered piston. Assemble equipments as per steps in . Make testing for rated release force .
6.2.2 Down jar Put down jar on jar tester , move adjusting ring by hand along direction "-” so that end of groove of adjusting ring is at center of lock screw hole. Testing from 0 tonnage . Move by hand adjusting ring along direction "+”, make testing as per one
grade every 10grids until reach max.rated release force indicated in table 3. Repeat testing for 3 times , it is granted as standard when value is kept steady after testing 3times. Move adjusting ring along direction of "-”. Adjust jarring tonnage to delivered tonnage specified in table, tight on.
6. 3 Sealing testing
After tighten up , put seal test subs on two thread ends. Pump testing fluid into tool inside, test at 30Mpa with pressure maintained for 5minutes, it is acceptable when pressure drop is not more than 0.5Mpa
. Down jarring test data                table 3

ZXJ 76
Max. release force
Tonnage  to  be delivered

7. Specifications and performance parameters
8. Sealing element:
The highest temperature for sealing element of drilling jar is 150℃
Sealing element of spare parts should be stored sunshade; the expiration date is 18 months.
9. How to order
Name of spare steel parts , jar type
If it is rubber part , specify rubber part name and jar type.
Special requirement if order jar in special specification and series.
Table 4.     Specifications and parameters

ZSxJ 62
O.D  (mm)
I.D  (mm)
71.4 or 76
57 or 70
Pull down overall length (mm)
Pull down stroke (mm)
Thread conn. API
Max. tensile load
Max.Working torque  (N.m)
Weight (kgs)

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