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Thru-hole standoffs SO SOS SOA SO4

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Thru hole standoffs SO SOS SOA SO4
Which use the proven self-cliching design,install with a squeeze in punched or drilled round holes and become permanently mounted in the thin sheet;Available with blind or thru threads for stacking or spacing enclosures,circuit boards,and components.also available unthreaded.Thread size #4 to #10''and M3 to M5.
Material:Carbon Steel;Stainless steel;Alminium, 400 series stainless steel
Part No.:
SO-M3-3 SO-M3-4 SO-M3-5 SO-M3-6 SO-M3-7 SO-M3-8 SO-M3-9 SO-M3-10 SO-M3-11 SO-M3-12 SO-M3-13 SO-M3-14 SO-M3-15 SO-M3-16 SO-M3-17 SO-M3-18 SO-M3-19 SO-M3-20 SO-M3-21 SO-M3-22 SO-M3-23 SO-M3-24 SO-M3-25 SO-M3-26 SO-M3-27 SO-M3-28 SO-M3-29 SO-M3-30  SO-3.5M3-3 SO-3.5M3-4 SO-3.5M3-5 SO-3.5M3-6 SO-3.5M3-7 SO-3.5M3-8 SO-3.5M3-9 SO-3.5M3-10 SO-3.5M3-11 SO-3.5M3-12 SO-3.5M3-13 SO-3.5M3-14 SO-3.5M3-15 SO-3.5M3-16 SO-3.5M3-17 SO-3.5M3-18 SO-3.5M3-19 SO-3.5M3-20 SO-3.5M3-21 SO-3.5M3-22 SO-3.5M3-23 SO-3.5M3-24 SO-3.5M3-25 SO-3.5M3-26 SO-3.5M3-27 SO-3.5M3-28 SO-3.5M3-29 SO-3.5M3-30  SO-M4-3 SO-M4-4 SO-M4-5 SO-M4-6 SO-M4-7 SO-M4-8 SO-M4-9 SO-M4-10 SO-M4-11 SO-M4-12 SO-M4-13 SO-M4-14 SO-M4-15 SO-M4-16 SO-M4-17 SO-M4-18 SO-M4-19 SO-M4-20 SO-M4-21 SO-M4-22 SO-M4-23 SO-M4-24 SO-M4-25 SO-M4-26 SO-M4-27 SO-M4-28 SO-M4-29 SO-M4-30  SO-M5-3 SO-M5-4 SO-M5-5 SO-M5-6 SO-M5-7 SO-M5-8 SO-M5-9 SO-M5-10 SO-M5-11 SO-M5-12 SO-M5-13 SO-M5-14 SO-M5-15 SO-M5-16 SO-M5-17 SO-M5-18 SO-M5-19 SO-M5-20 SO-M5-21 SO-M5-22 SO-M5-23 SO-M5-24 SO-M5-25 SO-M5-26 SO-M5-27 SO-M5-28 SO-M5-29 SO-M5-30  SO-M5-31 SO-M5-32 SO-M5-33 SO-M5-34 SO-M5-35 SO-M5-36 SO-M5-37 SO-M5-38 SO-M5-39 SO-M5-40 SO-M6-3 SO-M6-4 SO-M6-5 SO-M6-6 SO-M6-7 SO-M6-8 SO-M6-9 SO-M6-10 SO-M6-11 SO-M6-12 SO-M6-13 SO-M6-14 SO-M6-15 SO-M6-16 SO-M6-17 SO-M6-18 SO-M6-19 SO-M6-20 SO-M6-21 SO-M6-22 SO-M6-23 SO-M6-24 SO-M6-25 SO-M6-26 SO-M6-27 SO-M6-28 SO-M6-29 SO-M6-30  SO-M6-31 SO-M6-32 SO-M6-33 SO-M6-34 SO-M6-35 SO-M6-36 SO-M6-37 SO-M6-38 SO-M6-39 SO-M6-40
SOS-M3-3 SOS-M3-4 SOS-M3-5 SOS-M3-6 SOS-M3-7 SOS-M3-8 SOS-M3-9 SOS-M3-10 SOS-M3-11 SOS-M3-12 SOS-M3-13 SOS-M3-14 SOS-M3-15 SOS-M3-16 SOS-M3-17 SOS-M3-18 SOS-M3-19 SOS-M3-20 SOS-M3-21 SOS-M3-22 SOS-M3-23 SOS-M3-24 SOS-M3-25 SOS-M3-26 SOS-M3-27 SOS-M3-28 SOS-M3-29 SOS-M3-30  SOS-3.5M3-3 SOS-3.5M3-4 SOS-3.5M3-5 SOS-3.5M3-6 SOS-3.5M3-7 SOS-3.5M3-8 SOS-3.5M3-9 SOS-3.5M3-10 SOS-3.5M3-11 SOS-3.5M3-12 SOS-3.5M3-13 SOS-3.5M3-14 SOS-3.5M3-15 SOS-3.5M3-16 SOS-3.5M3-17 SOS-3.5M3-18 SOS-3.5M3-19 SOS-3.5M3-20 SOS-3.5M3-21 SOS-3.5M3-22 SOS-3.5M3-23 SOS-3.5M3-24 SOS-3.5M3-25 SOS-3.5M3-26 SOS-3.5M3-27 SOS-3.5M3-28 SOS-3.5M3-29 SOS-3.5M3-30 SOS-M4-3 SOS-M4-4 SOS-M4-5 SOS-M4-6 SOS-M4-7 SOS-M4-8 SOS-M4-9 SOS-M4-10 SOS-M4-11 SOS-M4-12 SOS-M4-13 SOS-M4-14 SOS-M4-15 SOS-M4-16 SOS-M4-17 SOS-M4-18 SOS-M4-19 SOS-M4-20 SOS-M4-21 SOS-M4-22 SOS-M4-23 SOS-M4-24 SOS-M4-25 SOS-M4-26 SOS-M4-27 SOS-M4-28 SOS-M4-29 SOS-M4-30 SOS-M5-3 SOS-M5-4 SOS-M5-5 SOS-M5-6 SOS-M5-7 SOS-M5-8 SOS-M5-9 SOS-M5-10 SOS-M5-11 SOS-M5-12 SOS-M5-13 SOS-M5-14 SOS-M5-15 SOS-M5-16 SOS-M5-17 SOS-M5-18 SOS-M5-19 SOS-M5-20 SOS-M5-21 SOS-M5-22 SOS-M5-23 SOS-M5-24 SOS-M5-25 SOS-M5-26 SOS-M5-27 SOS-M5-28 SOS-M5-29 SOS-M5-30 SOS-M5-31 SOS-M5-32 SOS-M5-33 SOS-M5-34 SOS-M5-35 SOS-M5-36 SOS-M5-37 SOS-M5-38 SOS-M5-39 SOS-M5-40 SOS-M6-3 SOS-M6-4 SOS-M6-5 SOS-M6-6 SOS-M6-7 SOS-M6-8 SOS-M6-9 SOS-M6-10 SOS-M6-11 SOS-M6-12 SOS-M6-13 SOS-M6-14 SOS-M6-15 SOS-M6-16 SOS-M6-17 SOS-M6-18 SOS-M6-19 SOS-M6-20 SOS-M6-21 SOS-M6-22 SOS-M6-23 SOS-M6-24 SOS-M6-25 SOS-M6-26 SOS-M6-27 SOS-M6-28 SOS-M6-29 SOS-M6-30
SOS-M6-31 SOS-M6-32 SOS-M6-33 SOS-M6-34 SOS-M6-35 SOS-M6-36 SOS-M6-37 SOS-M6-38 SOS-M6-39 SOS-M6-40 SOA-M3-3 SOA-M3-4 SOA-M3-5 SOA-M3-6 SOA-M3-7 SOA-M3-8 SOA-M3-9 SOA-M3-10 SOA-M3-11 SOA-M3-12 SOA-M3-13 SOA-M3-14 SOA-M3-15 SOA-M3-16 SOA-M3-17 SOA-M3-18 SOA-M3-19 SOA-M3-20 SOA-M3-21 SOA-M3-22 SOA-M3-23 SOA-M3-24 SOA-M3-25 SOA-M3-26 SOA-M3-27 SOA-M3-28 SOA-M3-29 SOA-M3-30
SOA-3.5M3-3 SOA-3.5M3-4 SOA-3.5M3-5 SOA-3.5M3-6 SOA-3.5M3-7 SOA-3.5M3-8 SOA-3.5M3-9 SOA-3.5M3-10 SOA-3.5M3-11 SOA-3.5M3-12 SOA-3.5M3-13 SOA-3.5M3-14 SOA-3.5M3-15 SOA-3.5M3-16 SOA-3.5M3-17 SOA-3.5M3-18 SOA-3.5M3-19 SOA-3.5M3-20 SOA-3.5M3-21 SOA-3.5M3-22 SOA-3.5M3-23 SOA-3.5M3-24 SOA-3.5M3-25 SOA-3.5M3-26 SOA-3.5M3-27 SOA-3.5M3-28 SOA-3.5M3-29 SOA-3.5M3-30
SOA-M4-3 SOA-M4-4 SOA-M4-5 SOA-M4-6 SOA-M4-7 SOA-M4-8 SOA-M4-9 SOA-M4-10 SOA-M4-11 SOA-M4-12 SOA-M4-13 SOA-M4-14 SOA-M4-15 SOA-M4-16 SOA-M4-17 SOA-M4-18 SOA-M4-19 SOA-M4-20 SOA-M4-21 SOA-M4-22 SOA-M4-23 SOA-M4-24 SOA-M4-25 SOA-M4-26 SOA-M4-27 SOA-M4-28 SOA-M4-29 SOA-M4-30
SOA-M5-3 SOA-M5-4 SOA-M5-5 SOA-M5-6 SOA-M5-7 SOA-M5-8 SOA-M5-9 SOA-M5-10 SOA-M5-11 SOA-M5-12 SOA-M5-13 SOA-M5-14 SOA-M5-15 SOA-M5-16 SOA-M5-17 SOA-M5-18 SOA-M5-19 SOA-M5-20 SOA-M5-21 SOA-M5-22 SOA-M5-23 SOA-M5-24 SOA-M5-25 SOA-M5-26 SOA-M5-27 SOA-M5-28 SOA-M5-29 SOA-M5-30
SOA-M5-31 SOA-M5-32 SOA-M5-33 SOA-M5-34 SOA-M5-35 SOA-M5-36 SOA-M5-37 SOA-M5-38 SOA-M5-39 SOA-M5-40SOA-M6-3 SOA-M6-4 SOA-M6-5 SOA-M6-6 SOA-M6-7 SOA-M6-8 SOA-M6-9 SOA-M6-10 SOA-M6-11 SOA-M6-12 SOA-M6-13 SOA-M6-14 SOA-M6-15 SOA-M6-16 SOA-M6-17 SOA-M6-18 SOA-M6-19 SOA-M6-20 SOA-M6-21 SOA-M6-22 SOA-M6-23 SOA-M6-24 SOA-M6-25 SOA-M6-26 SOA-M6-27 SOA-M6-28 SOA-M6-29 SOA-M6-30 SOA-M6-31 SOA-M6-32 SOA-M6-33 SOA-M6-34 SOA-M6-35 SOA-M6-36 SOA-M6-37 SOA-M6-38 SOA-M6-39 SOA-M6-40SO-440-6 SO-440-8 SO-440-10 SO-440-12 SO-440-14 SO-440-16 SO-440-18 SO-440-20 SO-440-22 SO-440-24 SO-440-26 SO-440-28 SO-440-30 SO-440-32 SO-440-34 SO-6440-6 SO-6440-8 SO-6440-10 SO-6440-12 SO-6440-14 SO-6440-16 SO-6440-18 SO-6440-20 SO-6440-22 SO-6440-24 SO-6440-26 SO-6440-28 SO-6440-30 SO-6440-32 SO-6440-34SO-632-6 SO-632-8 SO-632-10 SO-632-12 SO-632-14 SO-632-16 SO-632-18 SO-632-20 SO-632-22 SO-632-24 SO-632-26 SO-632-28 SO-632-30 SO-632-32 SO-632-34
SO-8632-6 SO-8632-8 SO-8632-10 SO-8632-12 SO-8632-14 SO-8632-16 SO-8632-18 SO-8632-20 SO-8632-22 SO-8632-24 SO-8632-26 SO-8632-28 SO-8632-30 SO-8632-32 SO-8632-34
SO-032-6 SO-032-8 SO-032-10 SO-032-12 SO-032-14 SO-032-16 SO-032-18 SO-032-20 SO-032-22 SO-032-24 SO-032-26 SO-032-28 SO-032-30 SO-032-32 SO-032-34
SOS-440-6 SOS-440-8 SOS-440-10 SOS-440-12 SOS-440-14 SOS-440-16 SOS-440-18 SOS-440-20 SOS-440-22 SOS-440-24 SOS-440-26 SOS-440-28 SOS-440-30 SOS-440-32 SOS-440-34
SOS-6440-6 SOS-6440-8 SOS-6440-10 SOS-6440-12 SOS-6440-14 SOS-6440-16 SOS-6440-18 SOS-6440-20 SOS-6440-22 SOS-6440-24 SOS-6440-26 SOS-6440-28 SOS-6440-30 SOS-6440-32 SOS-6440-34SOS-632-6 SOS-632-8 SOS-632-10 SOS-632-12 SOS-632-14 SOS-632-16 SOS-632-18 SOS-632-20 SOS-632-22 SOS-632-24 SOS-632-26 SOS-632-28 SOS-632-30 SOS-632-32 SOS-632-34
SOS-8632-6 SOS-8632-8 SOS-8632-10 SOS-8632-12 SOS-8632-14 SOS-8632-16 SOS-8632-18 SOS-8632-20 SOS-8632-22 SOS-8632-24 SOS-8632-26 SOS-8632-28 SOS-8632-30 SOS-8632-32 SOS-8632-34SOS-032-6 SOS-032-8 SOS-032-10 SOS-032-12 SOS-032-14 SOS-032-16 SOS-032-18 SOS-032-20 SOS-032-22 SOS-032-24 SOS-032-26 SOS-032-28 SOS-032-30 SOS-032-32 SOS-032-34
SOA-440-6 SOA-440-8 SOA-440-10 SOA-440-12 SOA-440-14 SOA-440-16 SOA-440-18 SOA-440-20 SOA-440-22 SOA-440-24 SOA-440-26 SOA-440-28 SOA-440-30 SOA-440-32 SOA-440-34 SOA-6440-6 SOA-6440-8 SOA-6440-10 SOA-6440-12 SOA-6440-14 SOA-6440-16 SOA-6440-18 SOA-6440-20 SOA-6440-22 SOA-6440-24 SOA-6440-26 SOA-6440-28 SOA-6440-30 SOA-6440-32 SOA-6440-34SOA-632-6 SOA-632-8 SOA-632-10 SOA-632-12 SOA-632-14 SOA-632-16 SOA-632-18 SOA-632-20 SOA-632-22 SOA-632-24 SOA-632-26 SOA-632-28 SOA-632-30 SOA-632-32 SOA-632-34SOA-8632-6 SOA-8632-8 SOA-8632-10 SOA-8632-12 SOA-8632-14 SOA-8632-16 SOA-8632-18 SOA-8632-20 SOA-8632-22 SOA-8632-24 SOA-8632-26 SOA-8632-28 SOA-8632-30 SOA-8632-32 SOA-8632-34SOA-032-6 SOA-032-8 SOA-032-10 SOA-032-12 SOA-032-14 SOA-032-16 SOA-032-18 SOA-032-20 SOA-032-22 SOA-032-24 SOA-032-26 SOA-032-28 SOA-032-30 SOA-032-32 SOA-032-34

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  • Free Service Charge

    ECVV doesn't charge any service fee to Buyers for buying this product.

  • ECVV Supply

    ECVV is responsible for supply, and provides product quality inspection, fund supervision and supply chain services.

  • Product Quality Commitment

    ECVV China Sourcing Agent will assess the reputation and supply ability of the factory and conduct field trips to select the high-quality Chinese factories for buyers.

  • Deposit Service Commitments

    In order to improve the quality of service, ECVV will charge for a 100CNY deposit for the agent purchasing order, and the deposit will be part of subsequent purchasing costs.

    After paying a deposit, if the purchasing order is not completed because of unsatisfied ECVV services, ECVV will refund your deposit.

Ecvv Trade

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