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Stationary 12 Antenna Jammer for All 3G 4G Cellphone, Car Remote Control, VHF/UHF Radio, GPS, Wi-Fi Jammer 12 Band

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Supply Ability: 9,999 Piece(s) per Day
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Update Time: 2018/4/25
Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Place of Origin: Guangdong in China

Quick Details

  • Brand Name: JQ
  • Color: Silvery white
  • mesh size: 290*220*50mm
  • Mesh wire diameter: 2-50
  • Geotextile: Metal
  • Model Number: JQ-H12K
  • FACEBOOK: + 86 15220209210
  • WHATSAPP: + 86 15220209210
  • TEL(WECHAT): + 86 15220209210


in recent years, the market of UAV has been growing rapidly. with the large-scale R & D and production of factories, such as Xinjiang, extreme flying, zero degree intelligence control and so on, the commercial UAV is very cost-effective and has become more and more popular. however, domestic supervision of UAVs, especially the "black fly" UAV, is still in a blank state. the proportion of the UAV flying in the air is about 90%, which poses a great danger to air surveillance and air safety.

JQ communications, as an excellent security equipment supplier, independently develop unmanned aerial vehicle jammers, which can interfere with all GNSS satellite positioning signals, including: GPS/ Beidou / Gore / Galileo, and interference shielding for the ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G segments commonly used in UAV, forcing the UAV remote control the location and signal interruption can achieve the effect of landing / returning / hovering. JQ communications independently developed UAV jammers, with strong functions and far distance interference, up to 3-5 km.

Shenzhen ninth district science and Technology Co., Ltd. Has interfered and shielded the GPS satellite positioning signal, and can also interfere and shield the 2.4G and 5.8G frequency bands commonly used in UAV, forcing the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote control, map location and signal interruption to reach the effect of the uncontrolled landing / hover / hover.

Power amplifier 1.5G 50 watts 47Db 27V 4A

Power amplifier 2.4G 50 watts 47db. 27V 4A

Power amplifier 5.8G 20 watts 42db. 27V 3A

 Stationary 12 antenna jammer for All 3G 4G Cellphone Car Remote Control VHFUHF Radio GPS WiFi jammer 12 band

Range test standard UAV flying high 100 meters interference range 3000_5000 meters.

One. Scope

this standard specifies the technical requirements and test methods of the portable UAV jamming interceptor (hereinafter referred to as interceptor).

this standard is applicable to portable UAV jamming interceptor products.

Two. Product model

Tx-wrj01 (portable type) tx-wrj02 (knapsack) tx-wrj03 (gun type) tx-wrj03 (base station type)

Three. Product description

the interceptor uses 4 types of portable rifle base station, which mainly controls the unmanned aerial vehicle or flight mode under the flight state, cut off the connection between the unmanned aerial vehicle and the remote control. the interceptor can force the unmanned aerial vehicle to be forced to fall or return to the air by the interceptor, so as to ensure the low space airspace safety in the area.

Four, installation and use instructions

4.1 installation steps and methods

4.1.1 remove the shield machine from the box.

4.1.2 turns the antenna into its respective antenna pedestal, otherwise it will not be effective.

4.1.3 hangs the shield to the wall or the corresponding location, the best installation height is 1-2 meters.

4.1.4 first make sure that the shield machine is full of electricity, then turn on the power switch. The power indicator on the power supply indicates that it is starting to work.

4.2 matters of attention

4.2.1 must first install the antenna according to the corresponding identification on the host, and then connect the main power supply.

the effective coverage of the 4.2.2 shield is a circular area with the center of the shield, so it is careful to choose the placement position of the shield in order to avoid the shielding dead angle.

the 4.2.3 shield should be placed in a well ventilated place, avoiding the shielding of large objects and avoiding the strong electric and magnetic sources of the strong heat source, so as to ensure the shielding effectiveness and long stable work.

4.2.4 shields should not stack other items and dismantle the antenna when they work, so as not to affect the shielding effect and damage the machine.

4.2.5 When the shield is not in use, it should cut off the power in time, so as not to affect the normal use of the mobile phone.

4.2.7 should pay attention to waterproofing when using shields outside.

4.2.7 when the area of the site is larger than the effective shielding range, it is recommended to adopt multiple shielding honeycomb installations to ensure shielding effectiveness.

4.2.8 as the power supply and antenna are dedicated to the host, and debug in the factory is a one-to-one debugging, please try not to exchange the use, in order to ensure the best effect.

4.2.9 please keep away from corrosive gases and liquids and do well in dust prevention and moisture prevention, so as not to accelerate the aging of internal components of equipment.

When placing 4.2.10 outside or in the wild, we should pay attention to adding protection devices to rats and ants.


Five. Maintenance and maintenance

5.1 the shield is a maintenance free device without maintenance.

5.2 when surface cleaning is done, chemical solvents should be banned and water inflow should be avoided.

5.3 shields should be stored in dry and ventilated places when they are useful, so as to avoid prolonged exposure to salt spray and harmful gases.

5.4 shields warranty period of one year, life-long maintenance.

Six. the answer to the problem

6.1 when the signal jammers work, why do some cell phone signals still indicate signals?

Answer: this is just an illusion. in fact, the mobile phone is already unable to communicate. When you press the pull button at random, you will find that there is no signal indication on the signal indicator.

6.2 will the signal shield interfere with the normal operation of other electronic devices?

Answer: No, no. this is because the electromagnetic signals emitted by the signal shields fall completely within the mobile working frequency band stipulated by the state, which only blocks the communication of mobile phones. this signal is always in a relatively static state, and will not affect any electronic device.

6.3 is the signal shielding device harmful to human body and cell phone?

Answer: please rest assured that the electromagnetic signal emitted by the signal shield is weak, and the test data show that the intensity of the signal is far from harm to the human body. At the same time, the signal shield is only blocking the forward signal of the mobile phone, so that the cell phone can not contact the base station, so it will not cause any damage to the phone itself.

6.4 is there any difference in the distance between the signal shields when used indoors and outdoors?

Answer: Yes. the effective distance of the signal shield (30-40 meters) generally refers to the indoor distance. In outdoor open areas, the effective distance of shielding can reach several hundred meters. It should be pointed out that, whether in indoor or outdoor use, the effective distance of the shield is related to the environment conditions at that time, such as the distance from the base station, the location of the place and so on. Therefore, when using the signal shield, we should give full consideration to this factor and avoid shielding dead angle, thus affecting the shielding effect.

6.5 does the signal shield have the same effect on GSM phones and CDMA phones?

Answer: this question is a good question. Because the anti-interference performance of the CDMA mobile phone is far superior to the GSM mobile phone, the effective shielding distance of the signal shield for the CDMA cell phone is less than that of the GSM cell phone, but the difference is not very large, about 2-4 meters. but it also asks the user to pay attention to some particularly important places, and should increase the number of field signal shields when necessary in order to ensure the shielding effectiveness of the CDMA mobile phone.

6.6 when the signal shield is working for a period of time, the shell is hot. Will it damage the machine for a long time?

Answer: Thank you for your careful, this is a normal phenomenon. in design, we use the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy wire drawing shell to assist heat dissipation. It can guarantee long time stable work. As a result, the machine will not be damaged by the heat of the shell.

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