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Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

FOB Price: USD 600.00 - 1,000.00 /Metric Ton

Min. Order: 5 Metric Ton

Supply Ability: 1,500  Metric Ton per Month

Energy Saving Continuous Carbonization Furnace/Coconut Shell Carbonization Stove

FOB Price: USD 8,670.00 - 10,568.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 100  Set(s) per Month

activated carbon

Product Brief: Providing activated carbon for use in the varies manufacturing area, such as in the gas or liquid ph

Activated Carbon Block /CTO Water Filter Cartridge for Water Purifier

FOB Price: USD 0.68 /Piece

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Supply Ability: 100,000  Piece(s) per Month

CTO Compressed Carbon Filter Cartridg

FOB Price: USD 2.00 - 20.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 500 Pieces

Supply Ability: 20,000  Piece(s) per Year

20L Mineral Water Purifier Pot

FOB Price: USD 7.00 - 15.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces

Supply Ability: 8,000  Piece/Pieces per Month

Carbon Filter Cartridge for Water Dispenser / Water Filter

Product Brief: Carbon filter cartridge for water dispenser / Water Filter 1, Product name: T33 Postposition carbon filter cartridge 2, Media: Advanced coconut hull carbon granule 3, Application: The fifth filter of

Coconut-Based Activated Carbon

Product Brief: The product is well suitable for water treatment,gas phase,catalyst support and gold recovery utilizing superior coconut shell as raw-materials by especially activation methods.It has broad pore size

Coconut-Shell Based Granular Activated Carbon

Product Brief: This product is made of raw materials of high quality coconut, almond and walnut shells through scientific refining method. This product is black granular in appearance, non-toxic and tasteless, with

Wood Charcoal Stove/Carbonization Stove/Coconut Shell Stove

FOB Price: USD 1,000.00 - 10,000.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 1,000  Set/Sets per Year

Coconut-shell-based GAC prepared by physical process

Product Brief: Features and advantages Ø rich inner surface structure Ø highly-advanced micropore Ø optimum strength Ø optimum bulk density Ø low dust Ø excellent

Coconut Shell Charcoal Carbonizing Machine

FOB Price: USD 1.00 - 100.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 100  Set/Sets per Week

Product Brief: 2. Details for the machine this machine can cooling the waste gas which produce when working 1. Carbonization furnace is a stove used to change biomass briquette into charcoal briquette. Raw

Automobile air conditioning air filter for AUDI OE 7H081-9631A

FOB Price: USD 1.00 - 10.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 500 Pieces

Supply Ability: 10,000  Piece/Pieces per Month


FOB Price: USD 250.00 - 300.00 /Metric Ton

Min. Order: 350 Metric Ton

Supply Ability: 33,350  Metric Ton per Month

Product Brief: We are major distributors of Grade A ACTIVATED CARBON. The ACTIVATED CARBON is produced in cameroon from high quality coconut charcoal. ACTIVATED CARBON PRODUCED FROM COCONUT SHELL. The carbon is

gold-extracting activated carbon

FOB Price: USD 300.00 - 1,000.00 /Ton

Min. Order: 1 Ton

Supply Ability: 10,000  Ton per Year

Product Brief: Coconut shell activated carbon gold appearance: black granular or irregular coconut flakes. Coconut shell activated carbon performance: the product selection of high-quality coconut shell as raw

Natural Coconut Shell Charcoal

FOB Price: USD 250.00 - 450.00 /Metric Ton

Min. Order: 100 Metric Ton

Supply Ability: 100,000  Metric Ton per Month

Catalyst Carrier Activated Carbon

Product Brief: 1. Product introduction Coconut shell activated carbon catalyst is on the basis of coconut shell activated carbon with the iodine above 900, after modified the iodine of catalytic activated carbon

High efficiency gold adsorption carbon

FOB Price: USD 1000.00 - 10000.00 /Cubic Meter

Min. Order: 1 Cubic Meter

Supply Ability: 500  Ton per Month

Product Brief: activated carbon, active carbon filter, is using coconut shell as its ingredient processing through

Cabin Air Filter Material (ZD-1012Y)

FOB Price: USD 2.00 - 4.00 /Shenzhen

Product Brief: Activeated carbon media: Made of high quality granular coconut activated carbon and imported non-wov

active carbon,activated carbon

FOB Price: USD 750.00 - 900.00 /Metric Ton

Min. Order: 100 Metric Ton

Supply Ability: 9,000,000  Metric Ton per Year

Product Brief: Coconut shell based Activated Carbon 1, gold refining 2, pure water treatment 3, food grade Coconut shell activated carbon is finely produced from imported coconut shell carbonized materials and is



Raw Coconut Shell Charcoal

20 MT

Supply Ability: 150 per mo.

Product Brief: Raw Coconut Shell Charcoal Specifications: Fixed carbon:>70 % Moisture:<12% Volatile matter:< 17 % A

Supply Activated Carbon

FOB Price: USD 800.00 - 2,000.00 /Ton

Min. Order: 10 Tons

Non-Woven Activated Carbon

Product Brief: Adopting special fine fiber and coconut activated carbon material, uniform thickness, high-carbon am

Coconut Shells Activated Coal

Product Brief: Coconut shell water purifying carbon, activated carbon, active carbon filter takes the high quality coconut shell, the apricot shell, the walnut shells, the peach shell as raw materials, becomes after
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