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epoxy paint roller 450/460mm

Min. Order: 100 Pieces

Supply Ability: 20,000  Piece/Pieces per Month

Product Brief: Resin Epoxy Rollers provide the quickest way to apply an even coat of resin. Solvent resistant roller cover is specially designed for fiberglass and epoxy industrial applications Can be 45cm, or 50cm

Guangdong Tuba Anti-Corrosion Water-Proof Epoxy Floor Paint

FOB Price: USD 1.00 /Barrel

Min. Order: 1000 Barrels

Supply Ability: 1,000  Ton(s) per Day

epoxy polyester powder coated/powder paint

FOB Price: USD 2.00 - 5.00 /Kilogram

Min. Order: 500 Kilograms

Supply Ability: 5,000  Ton/Tons per Year

High performance epoxy floor coating / paint

FOB Price: USD 3.00 - 20.00 /Kilogram

Min. Order: 500 Kilogram

Supply Ability: 5,000  Ton per Month

paint, auto paint--epoxy primer/alloy primer

Product Brief: YT-H1010 epoxy primer: 1) Primer for surfaces of plating zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, old paint, or fibers which have been cleaned and sanded Yatu auto paint series mainly includes: 1) 2K topcoat ...

Epoxy Antiskid Deck Paint

Product Brief: Epoxy Antiskid Deck Paint Component A component:epoxy-esterresinpigmentstuffingsolvent

Maydos 1MM Epoxy Self-leveling Floor Paint

Product Brief: Maydos JD2000 is a kind of two-component solvent-free epoxy paint. It has a nice appearance,dust-resistant,corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The flooring system has good bonding with the solid

Car paint -2K Epoxy Primer

Product Brief: UN-2126 is a kind of multi use two pack epoxy primer, it has strong adhesion for most of the slashing metal substrates, it has good rust resistance, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance for

automotive paint epoxy primer

Product Brief: Features: double-component intermediate paint,features outstanding adhesion power,fast drying, easy to be sanded, covering property Substrates: stainless steel, plastic,galvanized steel and aluminum

Waterborne epoxy floor paint

Supply Ability: 35,000  Ton per Year

Product Brief: Characteristics: the environmental protection, the paint film plump, excellent adhesion; Diluted with water, do not contain any organic solvent; Do not contain benzene, such as formaldehyde

epoxy bituminous coal paint

Product Brief: The paint is applicable to the eaxtiore wall of underground-pipeline, interior wal of tanks, the ste

painted epoxy tubes,natural epoxy tubes

FOB Price: USD 1.05 - 10.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 100 Pieces

Supply Ability: 10,000  Piece/Pieces per Month

Epoxy polyester powder coating

FOB Price: USD 1.00 - 2.00 /Kilogram

Min. Order: 100 Kilogram

Supply Ability: 5,000  Metric Ton per Month

Product Brief: Our Products range: Epoxy Polyester powder coating Polyester Powder coating Epoxy powder coating Wood effect powder coaing Clear powder coating Wrinkle powder paint Hammertone powder paint Sand powder

Thermoset Epoxy Powder Coating


Supply Ability: 5000MT

Product Brief: Introduction: This series of products are mainly made of polyester resin and curing agent and are su

Art Textured Powder Coating

FOB Price: USD 2.30 - 3.80 /Kilogram

Min. Order: 500 Kilogram

Supply Ability: 260  Ton per Month

Product Brief: Powder paint Powder coatings are a blend of resins, curing agent and pigments which are melt-mixed and pulverized into finely divided particles. They are totally solvent free. Therefore, it is the

Indoor Use Powder Paint (SY8804)

Min. Order: 500 Kilogram

Supply Ability: 800  Ton per Month

Product Brief: Product variety: 1. Full gloss 2. Semimat or matt 3. Wrinkle, texture, hammer and other special effect of lacework 4. Lucency and translucency 5. Multicolor 6. Fluorescene 7. Metal powder effect

Epoxy Powder Coating

FOB Price: USD 2.00 - 6.00 /Kilogram

Min. Order: 500 Kilogram

Supply Ability: 200  Metric Ton per Month

Product Brief: The coating based on epoxy resin with excellent chemical and mechanical properties is design for the

Ultra Fine Epoxy - PE Polyfine 6000

Min. Order: 500 Kilogram

Product Brief: Polyfine 6000 is normal durability powder coatings specially formulated for use on inside environmen

Epoxy Terrace

Min. Order: 500 Kilometer

Supply Ability: 100,000  Kilometer per Year

Product Brief: Anti-slip epoxy terrace Description: It is a two-component solvent, anti-slip. It can be applied in cold and moist environment, especially in wet and humid areas, for example foodstuff factory where

Epoxy/Polyester powder coating

FOB Price: RMB 10.00 - 30.00 /Kilogram

Min. Order: 500 Kilogram

Supply Ability: 30  Ton per Month

Product Brief: Indoor Use Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating Product Description: 1. Gloss: beween 20~95degree 2. Wrink

Eco Glass Coating Nano Technology

FOB Price: USD 200.00 /Kilogram

Min. Order: 1 Kilogram

Supply Ability: 1,000  Kilogram(s) per Week

P6.25 Slim Indoor SMD LED Display

FOB Price: USD 1,700.00 - 2,200.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 3 Pieces

Supply Ability: 30,000  Square Meter/Square Meters per Month

IP65 Waterproof Metal Enclosure Box

FOB Price: USD 12.00 - 35.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 20 Pieces

Supply Ability: 5,000  Piece(s) per Month

Electrostatic Thermosetting Powder Coating

FOB Price: USD 3.00 - 4.00 /Kilogram

Min. Order: 500 Kilograms

Supply Ability: 100  Ton per Month

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