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Liquid nitrogen container YDS-10-50

FOB Price: RMB 1.00 - 10.00 /Platform

Min. Order: 1 Platform

Liquid Nitrogen Thermal Shock Test Chamber--LNEYA

FOB Price: USD 16000.00 /Box

Min. Order: 1 Box

Supply Ability: 2  Box(es) per Month

2L to 100L liquid nitrogen dewar

FOB Price: USD 100.00 - 1,000.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Supply Ability: 1,000,000  Piece/Pieces per Year

-150C Tunnel Freezer with Liquid Nitrogen

FOB Price: USD 50000.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 200  Set(s) per Year

YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Supply Ability: 3,000  Piece/Pieces per Month

TianChi Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder 2L In Sudan

FOB Price: USD 1.00 - 10.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Supply Ability: 1,000  Piece(s) per Month

Liquid High Purity Nitrogen Plant Nitrogen Gas Plant Small Investment

FOB Price: USD 350,000.00 - 550,000.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 30  Set/Sets per Quarter

liquid nitrogen pump ZYB-8

FOB Price: USD 310.00 - 320.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Supply Ability: 5000  Piece/Pieces per Year

Product Brief: The series products are designed by making use of hand aspirated type ball (ZYB-5)or foot cylinder (ZYB-8), a little of liquid nitrogen inside is vaporized, the liquid nitrogen inside the container

Liquid Nitrogen Container for Storage & Transportation

FOB Price: USD 50.00 - 500.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 200  Set(s) per Month

IQF liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer for onion,rasphberry

FOB Price: USD 65,000.00 - 68,000.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 25  Set/Sets per Month

Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Pump

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Product Brief: Introduction of Liquid Nitrogen Pump 1. Main use and Features Auto-boosting Liquid Nitrogen Pump makes use of the physical characteristic—liquid nitrogen vaporized easily, and adopts pressing

Liquid Nitrogen Chiller/Flash Freezer/IQF Freezing Tunnels

FOB Price: USD 60,000.00 - 65,000.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 50  Roll(s) per Year

Small type nitrogen liquid generator

FOB Price: USD 10,000.00 - 50,000.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 30  Set/Sets per Month

Product Brief: The KaiHe is the company which specialize in developing , designing, producing of cryogenic air separation plant, PSA nitrogen generator, oxygen generator , nitrogen liquid plant, purification

Liquid Nitrogen Container (YDS-13)

FOB Price: USD 280.00 - 300.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Supply Ability: 20,000  Piece/Pieces per Month

Product Brief: This series of liquid nitrogen container products have the following characters: 1. High-strength aluminum alloy structure, light emptied weight 2. The lock device can be installed to the container

Air Separation Plant- Nitrogen Generator-Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Product Brief: Main technique target of Air Separation Plant- Nitrogen Generator-Liquid Nitrogen Plant: Products Capacity (m³/hr) Purity (%) Pressure (Mpa) Oxygen 50-2000 99.6-99.8 0.25-22 Liquid Oxygen Right

30L Self-Pressurizing Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 300  Set/Sets per Month

Product Brief: YDZ-30 Self-pressurization Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen/Argon Cylinder is mainly used in the transportation and storage of liquid medium (liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon), also can be used

Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container with 50 Liters Capacity

Product Brief: Features: Small and lightweight Easy to carry Static liquid nitrogen evaporation losses low Economical for use Technical data: Capacity: 3.15L Caliber: 50 Outside diameter: 224mm Height: 420mm Weight

Liquid Nitrogen Container (YDS-10-80)

Product Brief: Since Dewar, a British scientist, invented the theory of vacuum interlayer insulation in 1898, with the progress of the society

Liquid Nitrogen Dry Ice Dual-Use Machine

Product Brief: This product can be liquid nitrogen, dry ice dual-use, aesthetic enjoyment and will be the perfect blend of practical functionality, appearance is magnificent with independent control panels, smoke

liquid nitrogen container, cryogenic tank, cylinder, pipe, cryogenic equipment

FOB Price: USD 200.00 - 3,000.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 5 Pieces

Supply Ability: 1,000  Piece/Pieces per Month

Product Brief: dewar flask, liquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen tank, nitrogen cylinder, cryogenic pipe, cryogenic equipment cryogenic tank, freezing container, semen storage container, stem cell container,

50L Liquid Nitrogen Container

FOB Price: USD 100.00 - 500.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Supply Ability: 80000  Piece/Pieces per Month

Product Brief: - High-strength aluminum alloy structure- with few welding lines and nice appearance- More than 5 years vacuum quality guarantee

High Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer

Min. Order: 3 Ton

Supply Ability: 1,000  Ton per Month

Product Brief: Main effects: 1. With highly nitrogen element, it is effective and suitable for all plants and can promote the growth of root system, faster growth of plant, and enhance the speed of photosynthesis 2

Tempshield Low temperature liquid nitrogen protection Aprons

FOB Price: USD 414.60 - 414.70 /Piece

Min. Order: 10 Pieces

Supply Ability: 1,000  Piece/Pieces per Week

Product Brief: Water,wear comfortable,light weight,excellent air permeability insulation and the abodomen,legs splash protection Adjustable neck and waist belt side of the buckle can be used to quickly open the

liquid nitrogen tank

Product Brief: The Golden-Phoenix series liquid nitrogen container made by our company as per the national standar
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