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Cool iron man hand usb stick

FOB Price: USD 2.00 - 8.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 200 Pieces

Supply Ability: 10,000,000  Piece/Pieces per Month

Electric Motor Silicon Steel Iron Cores

FOB Price: USD 0.95 - 750.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 10,000  Ton(s) per Month

Black Silicon Carbide for Bonded Abrasives (SiC, F12-F1200)

FOB Price: USD 600.00 - 800.00 /Ton

Min. Order: 20 Tons

Supply Ability: 30,000  Ton(s) per Year

Wafer Cast Iron Butterfly Valve

Product Brief: wafer cast iron butterfly valve cast(ductile)iron butterfly valve SEAT:EPDM,PTFE,SILICON RUBBER TEMPERATURE:-40---300 DEG. We are so glad to receive your inquiry and thank you choose us as a supplier

630kva Power Transformer Core

FOB Price: USD 150.00 - 750.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 200 Pieces

High density RP grade graphite electrode for silicon industry

FOB Price: USD 1,400.00 - 2,520.00 /Metric Ton

Min. Order: 5 Metric Tons

Supply Ability: 30,000  Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year

Metallurgical Grade Silicon Carbide SiC 88

FOB Price: USD 400.00 - 600.00 /Metric Ton

Min. Order: 20 Metric Ton

Supply Ability: 1,000  Metric Ton per Month

Full Oblique Joint Automatic Silicon Steel Shearer

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 1  Set/Sets per Month

Product Brief: YXJ-3 Full Oblique Joint Automatic Silicon Steel Shearer is specially designed for the oblique cutting of silicon steel pieces for the production of SL9 and S9 transformer iron cores. The machine is

solar panel system /180w polycrystalline solar panel

FOB Price: USD 1.00 - 10.00 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 5,000  Set/Sets per Month

Toroidal Iron Core

FOB Price: USD 1.00 - 20.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 100 Pieces

Supply Ability: 10000  Piece/Pieces per Day

Product Brief: Toroidal iron core, Toroids for Toroidal Power Transformer, Toroidal Current Transformer, Toroidal Choke, Autotransformer are made of prime CRGO silicon steel (0.27mm-0.30mm thickness) imported from

MMO Titanium Expanded Mes

Product Brief: Titanium Substrate Meet ASTM standard B265 Grade 1 or Grade 2 Parameter Applications Canistered mesh anode have been designed replace the massive silicon iron anodes in horizon and shallow vertical

180W Solar Module/Solar Panel/PV Module

FOB Price: USD 1.00 - 2.80 /Set

Min. Order: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 10,000  Set/Sets per Week

Product Brief: 180W Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Module / Solar Panel / PV Module / PV Panel SOLAR PANEL / PV MODULE: 1. Use A-grade solar cell with high efficiency; 2. High transmittance, low iron tempered glass

Castable for iron runner

Product Brief: This high performance and high strength runner castable is made mainly of compact fused alumina, silicon carbide, micro powder and compound additives. Application: iron line and slag line of large

Borosilicate Glass Tube

FOB Price: USD 100.00 - 100000.00 /Ton

Min. Order: 1 Ton

Supply Ability: 1500000  Ton per Year

Product Brief: Expansion coefficient 3.3, size range from O. D 6mm, W. T 0.5mm to O. D 315mm W. T 9mm, low-iron silicon sand employed in the raw material upgraded the transmittance to 92%. Our company is the largest

silicon metal for iron making

FOB Price: USD 1,100.00 - 1,600.00 /Ton

Min. Order: 20 Ton

Supply Ability: 3,000  Ton per Month

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter For Iron Casting/INNOVACERA

FOB Price: USD 2.50 - 5.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 100 Pieces

Supply Ability: 10,000  Piece/Pieces per Month

high silicon cast iron anodes

Product Brief: HSC containing cr type high silicon cast iron anodes Contain chromium high silicon cast iron anodes are impressed current cathodic protection system of auxiliary anodes ideal. Widely used in

High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

FOB Price: USD 100.00 - 10,000.00 /Set

Min. Order: 50 Sets

Product Brief: 1.High silicon cast iron anodes are made by chill casting in metal mould. 2.The anodes have more high density, more compact crystal structure and low consumption rate, thus have longer life. 3.We

High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

FOB Price: EUR 10.00 - 100.00 /Qingdao

Product Brief: High Silicon Cast Iron Anode 1.with cast iron 2.Applicate for fresh water tanks,deep ground beds,or standard ground beds 3.Feature:center connection,in series on continous cable or one lead only.

High Silicon cast iron anode

FOB Price: USD 11.00 - 111.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 100 Pieces

Supply Ability: 9000  Ton per Year

Product Brief: High Silicon cast iron anode Type: High silicon cast iron Cr-containing silicon iron Main Application: It is widely aplied to the impressed current cathodic protection of oil drilling platform at sea

High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

Min. Order: 50 Pieces

Product Brief: High Silicon Cast Iron Anode 1.Conform to ASTM A 518M Gr3, 2.1.5X60,2X60,2.5X60,3X60,etc 3.Made by chill cast High Silicon Cast Iron (HSCI) Anode is the buried component of impressed current systems

canistered high silicon cast iron anode

Product Brief: Canistered Cast Iron Anode consists of high silicon cast iron anode, coke, vent-pipe and outer steel pipe. The anode is fixed in the center of steel pipe, annulus filled and tamped with carbonous coke

Silicon Iron

Product Brief: The ferro silicon powder takes the coke, scrap steel, and silica as raw materials ,which is made by the electrosmelting. The ferro silicon powder is bright grey, and the density is small. The more

Silicon Iron Rest

Product Brief: Competitive Price and good qualitiy You can place this heat resistant iron rest practically anywhere

High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

Product Brief: Si-Fe anodes are widely used in impressed current cathodic peotection od offshore structures, under

High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes

FOB Price: USD 100000.00 /Piece

Min. Order: 1 Piece

Supply Ability: 1000000  Kilogram per Month

Product Brief: Name Specification Weight KTGT-A-38 (Dia 38mm X 1500mm) 13kg KTGT-A-50 (Dia 50mm X 1500mm) 20kg Rod

High Silicon Cast Iron Tubular Anode

Product Brief: Compare with the solid rod anode, tubular anodes can: 1. Minimize the resistance of anodes to electrolytes. 2. Increase the surface to weight ratio thus can reduce current density and distribute the

Ferro Silicon

Product Brief: Name Ferro Silicon Model 75% 65% 60% 55% 52% 45% ::Features:: Ferrosilicon is iron alloy composed of iron and silicon. Ferrosilicon is silicon iron alloys that made of coke, steel scrap, quartz (or
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